Artist/Graphic Designer

Sonya lives in Melbourne Australia. Much of the work featured here is Acrylic Paint on canvas. Other works include photograpy, wall murals, pencil sketches, pastel drawings, and computer aided graphic design work. Sonya studied art and design in California and later, abroad in Western Australia. Sonya’s artwork has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world, including the USA, Italy and Australia. Her love of the ocean is reflected in her largely ocean-inspired artwork.

Besides painting - Sonya ran her own Arts Cafe for 3 years and has, more recently, been engaged in on-going graphic design work and developing content for a boutique on-line retailer (Adobe Photoshop / Dreamweaver).
Sonya is working on several new projects currently, including an upcoming exhibition and is happy to discuss your ideas for a commissioned original artwork.





Upcoming Exhibition - Temptation

I'm working on a new exhibition exploring new painting techniques and subject matter. I love the ocean and I mostly paint ocean landscapes. However, since moving to Melbourne and becoming a full time artist I now have the time and motivation to branch out and try new things. I started off painting random figures and animals, and found that they all seemed to have a reacurring theme. Some are dark, some are cheeky, and others are beautiful. But they all seem to have underlying tones of temptation, longing, or wanting what you can't have. I feel these are some of life's most complex and delicate emotions, and sometimes the very root of unhappiness. New works to be unveileved this May at Veri Koko in Brunswick.

Temptation Exhibition Invitation



Where can I see Sonya's art?

Veri Koko, Brunswick, Victoria

Eagles Nest Fine Art Gallery, Aireys Inlet, Victoria

Tigerfish Gallery, Torquay, Victoria

Eagle Bay Brewery, Western Australia

Beverly’s Books, Phelan, California


Upcoming Shows and Exhibitions:

Solo Exhibition @ Veri Koko, Brunswick, Victoria - March 31st, 2012


Art in Recycled Timber Frames Handmade in Melbourne

Art in Handmade Recycled Timber Frames

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